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The books listed below are only a sample of the literature available on the Morgan Horse. Information given is from the covers, introductions or forwards of each book, where possible. Read, learn and enjoy our rich Morgan history!

THE MORGAN HORSE by Jeanne Mellin, Stephen Greene Press, Brattleboro, VT, 1961. Stephen Greene Press, Brattleboro, VT, 1961. Availability unknown. An "...overall picture of the Morgan, as he was in his hey-day, through his period of adjustment at the turn of the century, down to the present..." with the author's opinions and conclusions. Quoted from the introduction. Occasionally available on Ebay Auction Site

THE MORGAN HORSE HANDBOOK by Jeanne Mellin, Stephen Greene Press, Brattleboro, VT, 1973. Availability unknown. " ...Some of the nitty-gritty about the ideal type and its variations, requirements for showing, and a good, clear picture of the Morgan horse today in all his varied roles." This book is designed to be a companion volume to the author's 1961 book, THE MORGAN HORSE. Quoted from the introduction. Occasionally available on Ebay Auction Site

THE COMPLETE MORGAN HORSE by Jeanne Mellin, Stephen Greene Press, Lexington, Massachusetts. Availability Unknown. "This is a compilation of the author's previous two classics, with new and updated information about the breed. This book reflects the changing trends in horse show standards regarding the Morgan." Quoted from the cover. Was available from AMHA: AMHA

THE MORGAN HORSE by Sally Spencer, published in Great Britain by JA Allen & Co., Ltd. 1988 It was available at the U.V.M. Morgan Horse Farm gift shop. Interesting, though not always factual, comments and Morgan History from a British point of view. A description of the Morgan Horse, its characteristics and bloodline families. The Morgans introduction to Great Britain and parts of Europe is traced from the first imports to the date of the book.

MORGAN HORSES by Peggy Jett Pittinger. Out of print. Occasionally available on Ebay Auction Site

NAMES IN MORGAN HORSE IN PEDIGREES by Mabel Owen, Sharp Offset Printing, Rutland, VT, 2000, Available from the National Museum of the Morgan Horse or from Merrylegs Literary Trust.

MORGAN HORSES IN PICTURES by Margaret Cabell Self. Macrae Smith & Co, Philadelphia, 1967. Out of Print. Occasionally available on Ebay Auction Site

THE MEN BEHIND THE MORGAN HORSE by Marilyn C. Childs.(MA, 1979) October Farm Books; occasionally available on Ebay.

READINGS ON MORGAN HORSE HISTORY compiled by Charles Duncan, a Publication of Morgan Heritage Press, PO Box 84, Montpelier, VT 05602-0084. It is a wide variety of topics and formats. It includes a Glimpse in the life of Linsley, Ben Franklin (the Horse) Purpose of the Morgan Horse Club 1909 to name a few.
For information or to order, write to distributor: Lori Wyman,

MORGAN HERITAGE POSTINGS: A Compilation Of Historical Articles on the Morgan Horse. Compiled by Elizabeth A. Curler, (Vermont, 2001) - contact Morgan Heritage Press distributor Lori Wyman, P.O. Box 1921, Brattleboro, VT 05302, - Morgan Heritage Press

THE LIPPITT REPORT, Volume III Compiled by Fredric E. Scire and reviewed by the Lippitt Club Screening Committee.. Available through Lori Wyman, Secretary, The Lippitt Club, Inc. for $25.00 including shipping and handling. This is an updated and expanded version of Volume II, containing a complete listing of Lippitt Morgans that have been registered with the American Morgan Horse Association and Canadian Morgan Horses Association. This listing included the foundation stock to the current January 2001. Lippitt breeders and students of the Morgan breed interested in researching this high-percentage family will find the Lippitt Report to be of great assistance for tracing Lippitt bloodlines.

DONALD, This is a manuscript by Edwin H. Hoffman on Donald and his ancestors, written for Mr. C.C. Stillman. From the Frances H. Bryant Collection, published by the National Museum of the Morgan Horse, Shelburne, Vermont, 1996. Available through the National Museum of the Morgan Horse for $10.00, plus shipping and handling. One of many historically valuable documents from the estate of Francis H. Bryant which are now a part of the permanent collection of the National Museum of the Morgan Horse. Edwin Harris Hoffman (1858-1912) was instrumental in finding and registering many Morgan horses and was in charge of C.C. Stillman's horses, including Donald. Museum

THE PERFECT HORSE, by William H.H. Murray, This 1966 edition is a reprint of an 1873 Volume, through Vantage Press, made possible by Robert Morgan. Availability unknown. This book discusses points of a horse "by way of which a good horse is known", principles of breeding, selection of the sire and dam, basic training and hoof management, and how the Morgan fits into breeding programs of the day. Occasionally available on Ebay Auction Site

THE ORIGINS OF THE MODERN MORGAN, A Study in Contrasts, by Professor Kenneth A. Telford, 1988. Availability is unknown. This volume contains information on numerous Morgan breeding programs and bloodlines, with some controversial discussions of their merit. It is complete with detailed pedigrees obtained through years of research by Mr. Telford. There is much to be learned from this argumentative and challenging book for all students of Morgan History. Anyone wishing a copy should send a check for $45 in US funds to Anna Smith, PO Box 174, Walpole, NH 03608. The book will be mailed promptly.

MORGAN HORSES by D.C. Linsley, "A premium essay on the origin and characteristics of this remarkable American breed of horse. ..." 1857. Reprints available through the national Museum of the Morgan Horse, $35.00 plus shipping. Museum

THE WAR HORSE OF JOB, A publication of the Lyle F. Horton Memorial Ancient Morgan Archive. It is "a gathering of much that has been written about Hale's Green Mountain". Available through Bruce Orser for $18.00

LIPPITT DIRECTORY, by Kenneth A. Telford. 1981. This is Mr. Telford's first listing of Lippitt Morgans with some extended pedigrees and historical information on the Lippitt Club Foundation stock. Availability unknown.

LIPPITT REGISTER, by Kenneth A. Telford, 1986. The "second addition, extensively revised and augmented." Availability unknown. "This is a directory of all Lippitt Morgans whose blood is totally derived from the Foundation Stock of the Lippitt Club..." Quoted from the Forward.

LIPPITT LORE, by Horton, Winifred. (The Lippitt Club, 2001) Contact: Lori Wyman:, $25.00 postpaid (make checks payable to the Lippitt Club) All of the Lippitt Club books are vailable on our gift page with the order form.

THE HORSES OF WOODSTOCK with Sketches of the Different Breeds of Vermont Horses, by Allen W. Thompson, reprint of The Riverside Press, Cambridge, 1887, by H.O. Houghton & Co. and the Morgan Heritage Press. For information or to order, write to distributor: Lori Wyman,

SING THE LORD'S SONG IN A STRANGE LAND, The Life of Justin Morgan, by Betty Bandel. Associated University Presses, 1981. Available through the UVM Gift shop, and other sources. This is a well-documented history of the life of Justin Morgan. It gives a wonderful insight into the post-revolutionary war period of our history, and the birth of our Morgan breed. Occasionally available on Ebay or through out of print book dealers.

VERMONT STATE FAIR. This book features the articles published in The Vermonter magazine on Morgan horses shown at the Vermont State Fair 1908-1913. In addition, the 1913 fair featured the forerunner of 300-mile endurance rides, from which evolved the Vermont 100-Mile and Tevis Cup Rides. Photographs of horses include: Bob Morgan, Bob B., Bordenís Ethan Allen 3rd, Knox Morgan, Donald, Prince Charlie, Young General Gifford, Welcome, Pete Morgan, Senata, My Lady Knox, Bell Marea, Croydon Prince, Sir Ethan Allen, and Donbelle.

In addition, related material has been included on the 1907 fair and those following 1913; from the New England Farmer an article featuring the opinions of Morgan breeders of the 1909 fair; the results of class placings from 1908 to 1922, and an old print of an 1853 Vermont State Fair held at Montpelier, Vermont.

FastBack bound soft cover, 8Ĺ x 13 inches, 131 pp., over 100 photographs. For information or to order, write to distributor: Lori Wyman,

Established November 15, 2000

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