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Lippitt Morgan Photographs

Show the world right here on this page what the Lippitt Morgan is all about. Send us your farm or show photographs and we will be glad to display them.

Okan Beaubridge
Okan Beaubridge
Ryegate Surprise
Ryegate Surprise
Valiant lady
Okan Valiant Lady
Spring House Baron
Spring House Baron
Spring House Baron
Spring House Baron
TFM Joan D'Arc
Otterbein Lucas Moro
Madrona Rubicon
Must Be More Than Magic
Shasta & Laura
Heritage Laura Knight
Scattered Oaks Jeslynmoro
John Michael Womble
Scattered Oaks Boldventur
Special Occasion
Brook Hill Anticipation
NOTICE: The Lippitt Club, Denlore Incorporated, its owners or its officers will not be responsible for any copyright infringments. We have no way of knowing if the person who submits a photograph to us for placement on this site, has obtained permission for the right to use a photograph. To remove any photograph that infringes the copyright laws of the United States, please contact for its removal. Looking for more information?
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