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Lippitt Greats

Donald, whose head portrait appears in our Club logo, was one of the most famous Morgans of his day - a constant winner in the show ring and considered by many to be the handsomest Morgan alive at that time.

Lippitt Ethan Ash, by Ashbrook, sired such outstanding stallions as Lippitt George, Lippitt Ashmore, and Royalton Ashbrook Darling. Dyberry Ethan sired the show champions Moro Hills Adonis and his full brother, Moro Hills Gay Ethan.

Sealect was known not only for his showiness, but also for his beauty and a good-natured willingness to please. His equally showy son, Cornwallis, sired the great Allen's Major, who usually left the ring with a blue ribbon.

Another male line is that of Ethan Eldon, himself the sire of the stallions Nabob Morgan, Royalton Bob Woodstock, and Trilbrook Joel - all sires of champions today.

Lippitt mares have also been impressive within the Morgan world. The famous Lippitt Miss Nekomia competed in six Vermont 100-mile trail rides, placing in three. At the National Morgan Show in 1947, she won the Mare In-Hand Class and also proved herself a producer of champions. Among her famous offspring were Dyberry Billy, Bob, and Buddy - sires of many outstanding endurance athletes.

Lippitt Kate Moro, when crossed with Mr. Knight's favorite personal driving horse, Lippitt Ethan Ash, produced the universally admired Lippitt Duplicate and Lippitt Dusky Kate, who won the Mare Championship at the 1952 National Morgan Show. Duplicate was also a performance winner under saddle along with her full brother, the In-Hand Champion Gelding Lippitt Ethan.

Heritage Ethan played Figure in the working sequences of the Disney film, Justin Morgan Had a Horse. This versatile gelding was by Dyberry Ethan, out of Lippitt Tilly. The list of Lippitt greats has just begun and is continually growing longer and more impressive.

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