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Contributions to the Morgan Breed

Lippitts have been bred for the traits which were highly valued in the early Morgans. The Foundation Stock had been linebred for over 100 years using bloodlines containing the highest percentage of Figure's blood, resulting in a highly prepotent horse. One major value of linebreeding is the possibility for a superior product in an outcross to another strain. A "pure" line becomes the starting point for any hybrid breeding program: when two linebred individuals are crossed, there is a predictability in genetic makeup of the offspring that allows selection for a superior animal. Indeed, many out-standing Morgans of the last 50 years have been the product of a cross to the Lippitt line.

The Lippitt's uniquely pure pedigree, with its potential to lend vitality to outcrosses, is high commendation. The fact that he is also a beautiful, useful Morgan horse may simply be enough for his owner.

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